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Videodermatoscopy is the field of videodiagnostics applied to dermatology,
fundamental for the early diagnosis of skin diseases and, therefore, for the prevention of tumors.
When we talk about videodermatoscopy , we essentially mean the analysis of moles
by means of a particular probe called videodermatoscope or optical dermatoscope,
a small but valuable manual tool based on a lens capable of
enlarge between 10 and 20 times, specially illuminated with incident light.
It is now widely demonstrated how digital videodermatoscopy allows increasing
20-30% diagnostic sensitivity compared to simple vision with the naked eye,
allowing increasingly early diagnosis of melanoma.
Using videodermatoscopy, the doctor can specifically examine the mole,
which can accurately determine any alterations or non-homogeneous structures.


Thanks to the support of computer technology that generates more and more performing computers,
Videodermatoscopy has proceeded with an exponential development and offers, today,
brilliant performance and unparalleled computing power.
Add to this the comfort, also ergonomic, and the modern and pleasant design
of the latest generation video dermatoscopes, which make these instruments
real “collaborators” of doctors and professionals.
Moreover, modern videodermatoscopes, equipped with a “total-body” system,
Allow automatic mapping of existing moles, simplifying the identification
of any new growth and allowing real-time performance
the preventive diagnosis of melanomas.