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Technological Innovation

Adamo S.r.l. was born from a multi-year experience in videodiagnostics in many fields. The company boasts the most innovative and advanced technology in the market.

The core business is represented by specific product for dermatology..

Videodermoscopy and Software

In the last few years Adamo S.r.l. has developed a system for videodermatoscopy which is now the most innovative and complete system in the market. This was made possible by accurate work on research and development. R&D provided the possibility to create a product that received the complete dermatologist approval.

At Adamo S.r.l. there is a division that focuses on development and software creation. This is one of the reasons why Adamo S.r.l has continuous and fast growth. The division’s work has developed many devices with functional and innovative software.

In azienda abbiamo anche un comparto che segue tutta la parte di sviluppo e progettazione software, questo è anche uno degli aspetti che ha permesso alla Adamo S.r.l. una crescita rapida e costante, grazie all’attività di questo comparto siamo in grado di offrire sempre apparecchiature con software funzionali e all’avanguardia.


The research and development division is growing constantly, as a result of a determined and closeknit team that allows the possibility to develop different products that will launch on the market in the next years.

As of today, Adamo S.r.l. encompasses the whole national market in dermatology and has begun to attend international events to extend their presence, first in Europe, and then worldwide.


The company is very caring for their costumers by paying great attention to post-sales service. For this reason Adamo S.r.l.’s headquarters maintain a laboratory equipped with groundbreaking devices and qualified personnel who are able to solve the majority of the problems connected to medical and computer devices.

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